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Sworn interpreter services

Yeminli Tercüman.EU assists you with a professional (Court) interpreter in the Turkish language from or into the Dutch, English or German language.

All our interpreters have been certificated and are also sworn as a translator in the languages concerned by the district court. The forms of interpreter services which we perform are as follows to distinguish:The forms of interpreter services which we perform can be distinguished as follows:

  • Conversational interpreting: during a conversation everything is translated sentence by sentence from the foreign language into Dutch and vice versa.
  • Consecutive interpreting: during a lecture or meeting notes are made, which are afterwards translated.
  • Simultaneous interpreting: while the participant is speaking the conversation is translated simultaneously, for example during proceedings in court.

We can assist you with one of our interpreters for your visits to the court, notary, lawyer, mortgage consultant, general practitioner, specialist or the hospital. Of course you can also get help from us for your visits at numerous other agencies and institutions.

Especially for your visits abroad or for accompaniment of business relations and trade delegations in the Netherlands concerning grants, congresses or events etc. you can also engage one of our experienced interpreters.

When you need a professional interpreter or when you have any another request, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. It will be our pleasure to present you with any information you should require, without any obligation from your part.

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