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About us 


Stichting Instituut Gerechtstolken en Juridische Vertalers

Nederlands Genootschap Tolken & Vertalers

Kwaliteitsregister Tolken & Vertalers

An all-round translation office with a clear language!

We live in a multicultural society where communication plays an essential role.  The strength of Yeminli Tercüman.EU lies in bridging these culture and languages barriers by placing the content in the correct context.

Yeminli Tercüman.EU offers sworn translation and interpretingservices in the Turkish language from and into Dutch, English and German.

Besides translating and interpreting services we also offer coordinating services, recommending services and accompanying services for individuals, companies, institutions and organisations.

Our professional team of sworn translators and graduate Court interpreters is registered at the Dutch Foundation Court Interpreters and Legal Translators (SIGV) and/or at the Dutch Society of interpreters and translators (NGTV).

Our interpreters and translators are also registered in the Dutch Quality Register of Interpreters and Translators (KTV), as a result of which we meet the demands which are made by the Ministry of Justice.

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